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Ravi B - Tribute to Sundar Popo (Official Music Video)


Tribute to Sundar
Sundar Popo is known as the King of Chutney Soca. His songs still lives on today and has always been an inspiration to me. I'd like to be remembered through my music just like Sundar is. The objective of this project was to honor Chutney Soca's greatest legend and to educate youth of his greatness. We must always pay respect and honor legends. I thoroughly enjoyed creating this project, I hope you all enjoy.

Title: Tribute to Sundar Popo
Performed by: Ravi B
Lyrics: Sundar Popo
Melody: Sundar Popo
Music Arranged and Produced by:
Ravi B, Anil Bissambhar & Rishi Mahato
@ BassLab x Maha Productions
Mixed by Anil Bissambhar and Rishi Mahato
Recorded and Mastered by Rishi Mahato
Executive Producer : Ravi Bissambhar
Music directed by: Ravi Bissambhar
Keys: Ravi Bissambhar
Rhythm: Anil Bissambhar
Bass: Anil Bissambhar
Guitars: Kazio Paponette

Video Credits: Enhanced Media Systems Ltd (DJ DIN)

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Ravi B, Karma, Tribute to Sundar Popo, 2021 Soca Chutney, Official Music Video, Trinidad and Tobago
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