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Kenneth Salick - Radica (Official Music Video)


Kenneth Salick "Radica" (2009) music video
Triniwood Films

Chutney Soca Monarch 2009 winner!

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  • Bad Man

    Worst Music Video production ever. Why even bother....

  • Raynau Holassie

    i am from Sangre Grande, now a us citizen and host of my popular caribbean Airwaves radio Show Tues/Thurs 1pm on this song had lots of airplay. great song

  • heyyy

    this is da bomb

  • radica bahmer

    i love this song,truly one of the best,not forgetting what a great name,,,,,,,lol

  • nickey

    ilove dis song when dis song came out i just broke up with mi boyfriend.

  • tiffany

    i love this sound love love love love it

  • geeta

    This a wonderful song, everyone playing it here in New York......One of the best i have heard in a long time!

  • toysin sookdeo

    your tune is very sensitive, but simplicity takes the crown ,good work kenny,keep it up.

  • Ann Ramsamooj

    This is a very good song
    Music,beats and style make a great combination....keep it upKenneth

  • TriniDiva

    I love this song so much. This is the best chutney song for 2009.