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Mr. Vegas - Bruk It Down (Official Music Video)


Mr. Vegas - Bruk It Down (Official HD Music Video). Video was filmed in Jamaica, Los Angeles, and Poland.

Bruk It Down, Mr. Vegas, 2011, 2012, Dancehall, Reggae, Jamaica, Game Over, Jay Will Films, Official Music Video
  • erika

    emencanta bailar estoy enconcurso debaile mefacina cuando mueven la ponpis

  • best reds


  • kate

    I like the song Bruk It Down the the very

  • nelly

    great service . you my number 1

  • Pinkyboo

    Mad love it

  • bianca henry

    i hate these girls because i cant bruk it dung at all.

  • fluffy 4 lyphe

    these girls looking good! foreal.

  • ashley

    that is waist. that is music {i just love it}

  • Shanice

    This song is the *** I literally listen to it every 5 minutes, like foreal, and when the Bruk it down part comes on no matter wey I at I bruk it down,extra hard

  • aa haynes

    mad song mad i just love it