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Destra Garcia feat. Machel Montano - Carnival (Official Music Video)


Destra Garcia featuring Machel Montano "Carnival" (2003) music video. Although it didn't win, this was we Road March!!

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    I want be in trini at such occasion.

  • sugar baby

    still say it should have won road march

  • dutty swag

    great song an still big, can't understand y it didnt win

  • Anthony

    While this was a great song by two great soca artist you guys have to sit and remember what song did win that year. Anyone remember Fayann Lyons:- "Display" and when I remembered that song I remember why Carnival didn't win. That was a great year for soca music!!!!

  • yipyip

    so cool

  • trinikid

    damn dis song bring me bak home i luv de carnival and i love destra

  • Miss Dee

    i luv this song so much i really thought it wouldve been road march. It represents the true essence of carnival

  • sylvester

    it should have won road march! I was there & seen it all

  • vegas

    it should have won road march! I was there & seen it all

  • kali boyce

    Destra, is the best soca artist from the republic of Trinidad&Tobago. carnival 2003, was the bomb. I'll always support her in the music business. you go girl. she could wine? WOW!