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Ravi B - Ah Drinka (Official Music Video)


2010 Chutney Monarch King Ravi Bissambhar aka Ravi B. (Karma) Official Music Video "Ah Drinka"

Ah Drinka, Ah Drinker, Ah Drinkah, Ravi B, Karma, Trinidad, Chutney, Big Rich, 2010 Chutney Soca
  • Brian Ramgopaul

    This song says it all. I ent go change and thats for true.

  • ss

    like it

  • aliciahosein@li

    great great video ravi you are the best



  • Nisha

    The best song I ever hear! I luv it.

  • Shal

    Great song! I luv it!

  • navin

    LOVE THIS.....

  • art

    This ah the song for the year

  • Mala

    I really like this song, living in London I visited home and heard this song now it is going to be my ring tone.... It put a smile on my face loving it very much, keep the good work up.

  • shelly

    It is a very wonderful song with nice tempo and I realy like it. Keep it up!