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Showtime - Mr. Popular (Official Music Video)


After his first official appearance on the Chutney Soca scene back in 2015 with the widely popular song entitled “Heavy Drinkah” (featuring Raymond Ramnarine from Dil-E-Nadan) Michael S’obrian A.K.A Showtime is finally back! After being absent for almost an entire year and missing the 2016 Carnival season altogether he has risen from the ashes and emerged with a song of epic proportions. This soon to be chart topper has been cleverly and passionately arranged and produced by Showtime himself in the hopes of reviving a genre that many say is in danger and in dire need of a new direction. Showtime has set out to "Make Chutney Great Again". In recent years many of the DJ’s within the industry have apparently stopped playing Chutney music at their events and as a result some have even stopped playing it altogether. The speculation surrounding this is that due to uncreative and poorly produced music within in the genre combined with lackluster lyrics and hurried arrangements Chutney Soca has been dealt a severe blow. But not to worry because thanks to a few very concerned,motivated, and experienced artists within the industry, Chutney Soca music still stands a chance to be recognized now more than ever but not without the combined effort of those who are able to make a difference. With great forums made available to us by people such as George Singh who is the owner of Chutney Soca monarch, all artists should aspire to bring something new and creative to the art form while maintaining some standard of dignity. With that being said Stemz Productions presents to you a song of the elements. Elements that are true to all music lovers around the globe. From the stinging sounds of Dholak & Tassa to the upbeat and sassy swing of Soca music we hope that you enjoy this comedic, suave, innovative but yet very uniquely crafted track. Its guaranteed to be a party favourite and will have people breaking away. This is Chutney Soca music at its finest. We give you... MR. POPULAR!!!!!


Title: Mr. Popular
Artist: Showtime
Written by: Showtime
Additional Keys: Kevin R.
Additional Concepts & Writing: 24K & Kevin R.
Background Vocals: Natasha Marie, 24K & Showtime
Produced by: Stemz Productions
Mixed by: Proffesor Bounty Targetz
Mastered by: Proffesor Bounty Targetz

Mr. Popular, Showtime, 2017 Chutney, 2017 Chutney Soca
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