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Freetown Collective x DJ Private Ryan - Oshun - Battalion Music Soca Remix (Official Music Video)


Oshun - Battalion Music Soca Remix out now:

As of 29 Sept 2021, there were 264 rape survivors waiting to speak to a therapist in Trinidad and Tobago. 110 of that number were children. This song is for the women in our lives, all of them. The song is called “Oshun” in reverence to the divine feminine in us all. Through “Oshun”, the LOVE OVER EVERYTHING campaign was launched to raise money for organisations that assist rape survivors in the Caribbean.

“How do we tell the world that our heart was born in you, so we can’t do anything but love you? How do we make peace with the way the world speaks about you? How do we do our best to protect you? How do we show that we need to protect women, not because they’re weak, but because they’re important? We would give our all to answer these questions. All we have is music.” — Freetown Collective

Video produced in collaboration with Associated Brands Industries Limited


#endGBV #endviolenceagainstwomen #loveourwomen #Oshun #soca

Song Credits
Written by: Freetown Collective
Produced by: DJ Private Ryan & Keron “Sheriff” Thompson
Mixed by: Keron “Sheriff” Thompson & Lou “CheahMengSound” Lyons
Distributed by: Shayegan Media & Marketing Inc

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Until Everywhere is Free.

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