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Rikki Jai - Marry The Beti (Official Music Video) | 2023 Chutney Soca


Title: Marry The Beti
Artiste: Rikki Jai
Origin: Trinidad & Tobago
Written By: Rikki Jai
Produced By: Jason Lee Seenath, Rishi Gayadeen And Rikkijai
Mixed And Mastered By: Samuel Jack
Produced At: Fame Studios NYC
Background Vocals By: Debbie Haynes And Rikkijai
Executive Producer: Samraj Jaimungal
For Rikkijai Entertainment Inc C&P Ascap/Cott 2022

Video Credits:
Videography And Editing By: Dj Din At Enhanced Media System
Special thanks to Ken, Davica, Kaylee Emrith, Firepower Fireworks, Shiv Shakti Dance Company, Shiva and Rishi Lakhan, Reuben Pariag.

Rikki Jai, Marry The Beti, 2023 Chutney Soca, Official Music Video
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