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No Behavior

Yung Fire "No Behavior" (2009) music video.
Directed by: Oliver Covrett
No Behavior, Yung Fire, Soca, 2009, Carnival, Oliver Covrett, Trinidad
  • Simone

    I love this video from start to finish. :)

    Looking forward to more from you.

  • trinigyal

    It call LIMIN dis video hotta than hott. we have no BEHAVIOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Heavy T Lady

    Nice video...need to hear more of this song in 2k whine hopefully it bill up!!! No Behavior

  • Ash

    Nice song and video one of the best i seen in soca music

  • Keisha

    This sounding so so good wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww love it

  • maximus

    I love it.

  • Jamal

    When JungleJuice have it Ya know everything Niceeeee....Fadda Singh I see you large up yaself!!!

  • Fadda Singh

    Wicked Video....

    Large up Yung Fire & Jamal..

    TJJ Family Blessings

  • Foreign CM

    Niceeeee Video. Soca Video's stepping it Game UP!!! Its video Funny and have meaning Nice nice No Behavior LOL

  • Royal T

    This Video Bad JungleJuice always have De BEST...DO Ya thing Yung Fire!!!