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RemBunction - NADA


You know that the Christmas season has officially started when you hear the strains of RemBunction’s comedic parang on the airwaves. In 2016, he continues to delight. After releasing his first two hits for the season; Dayana and Cocoa Panyol, loyal listeners continued to ask for more. RemBunction never disappoints. With his latest release, NADA, RemBunction explores how we can all still enjoy the spirit of Christmas despite the monetary constraints that the current economic recession may impose. Always relevant, always joyous, always on time…RemBunction has kicked off the Christmas season with a bang!!

Written and Produced By Roland "RemBunction" Yearwood
Cuatro and Guitar: RemBunction
Mixed by Richard "Charsu" Ahong
Mastered by Martin "Mice" Raymond

NADA, Rem Bunction, RemBunction, 2016 Parang
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