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Denise Belfon - Licks


Denise Belfon "Licks" (2009) music video
Accela Marketing
Director: Davina Lee

Denise Belfon, Licks, Accela Marketing, Davina Lee, Soca, 2009, Trinidad Carnival, TJJ TV, Trini Jungle Juice
  • in.the.knw

    dis tunne and the videos is tooo uch jokes love it!!!!!!!!!

  • socababy

    she is the queen

  • Niala

    Saucy ya wicked for years girl I love your video...licks keep whinning

  • herb

    i love me a thick girl, and she can back it up that's a plus

  • Ria Robinson

    denise is hard to beat that's my girl man she blow everyone out the water she the trini dancehall QUEEN.

  • Melzzy

    Gotta love this woman and I am a woman. She is amazing. I have seen skinny gorls who can't compare to this.

  • Unosexytrini

    Saucy!!yuh ain't goin no way..and yuh hot on de scene again. Video bad.

  • sydneytrini

    Denise your hot girl...Show them young grils how to wine...

  • Cherise

    Saucy still got it and don't look like she slowing down no time soon. Dis woman can truly wine. She gon geh you deh LICKS!!

  • socatempest Bda.

    I love this song and Video, Denise is all Woman she do her thing.... just love it....