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Kerwin Du Bois x Adana Roberts - No Tomorrow (Official Music Video)


Song: No Tomorrow
Artiste: Kerwin Du Bois x Adana Roberts
Origin: Trinidad & Tobago
2020 Release

From the Classy Riddim (Trinidad Soca 2020) produced by Nikholai Greene
Directed & Edited by Kerwin Du Bois
Anguilla videography - Lunatik (The Creators)
Tobago videography - Ian Davis

Makeup by Janay Reymond - Glow by J
Clothing by Cache Trinidad and Tobago and Fashion Freaks
TheFayolaBrand by Fayola
Hair - Manetrendtt
Tobago Waterholics
DDA - Delecia's Dance Agency
Panist - Leeandro Noray
Fire breathers - Dwayne White Jr. & Ameika Louis
Moko Jumbie - Rayon Marshall
Being with horses Tobago
Moke Anguilla

Special thank you to Jodi, Adanna Asson, Magic City Anguilla, Sandy Island staff, Anchor Bar & Grill Tobago and every person who we assisted in creating this project.

Kerwin Du Bois, Adana Roberts, No Tomorrow, Official Music Video, 2020 Soca, Tobago
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