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Jadel - Hot Topic (Official Music Video)


Official Music Video for Hot Topic by Jadel

Music Video Credits:
Artist: Jadel
Title: Hot Topic
Directed and Shot by: Junior Lee of PreciseLee Films
Jadel’s Wardrobe:
-Black Label Crush glass crystal rhinestone bodysuit
-Earrings: Gold crystal ‘Beach Please’ shell earrings
Dancers (USA) via @bankssnco / email |
-Darren Banks IG: @Darren.bankss
-Kay Lvoe @kay.lvoe
-Makayla Monèt @m.akaylamonet
Dancers (Trinidad):
-Priscilla Gueverra @iamthetitle
Models (Trinidad):
-Caela Chapman

Sponsors: Keke Hair - Toronto’s #1 Celebrity Hairstylist, JP Music Group
Digitally Distribution: Julianspromos Worldwide (c/o ONErpm)
Streaming on: VEVO, Apple Music, Tidal, and more
ISRC: QZSYP2243207

Music Credits:
Artist: Jadel x CL Productions
Title: Hot Topic
Produced by: CL Productions
Written by: Jardine ‘Jadel’ Le Gere
Composed by: Jardine ‘Jadel’ Le Gere, Cherrod Lewis
Performed by: Jadel
Background Vocals by: Jardine ‘Jadel’ Le Gere
Recorded by: XplicitMevon, Trinidad
Mixed by: CL Productions
Mastered by: Precision Productions
BPM: 110
Digital Distribution/Label: Julianspromos Worldwide (c/o ONErpm)
ISRC: QZHZ52283716

Publishers: (ASCAP)/Copyright Control (COTT)/Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)
Official Lyrics:

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00:00 Intro: Jadel poses on beach
00:11 Song Intro
00:27 Verse 1
00:46 Pre-Chorus
01:02 Chorus
01:20 Post Chorus
01:37 Verse 2
01:56 Pre-Chorus
02:13 Chorus
02:30 Post Chorus
02:49 Outro on beach

#Jadel #HotTopic #Caribbean

Copyright (C) 2022 Jadel Music.

Hot Topic, Jadel, 2023 Soca, Official Music Video, CL Productions, Jardine Le Gere
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