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Arabian Nights 'Carnival Edition'
Date: Sunday 1st February 2009
Venue: Pier 1. Chaguarams. Trinidad

Promoters: Classy Concepts
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Well the thing start around four in the evening, and we a lil' burnt out from Wicked In White the night before, so its drag we had to drag ourselves out of bed on this Sunday. So it’s pace down the Western Main Rd, as it’s already 7pm, and we trying to reach Pier 1 to get a taste of the action.

Pulling straight into Pier 1 car park, we managed to squeeze een a park as close to the entrance as we always do. (Oh, would Pier 1 management please cut down those coconut tree stumps in the car park .... real people cars getting damaged ... not cool). On the way in, we bounce up our brother from long time, D' Hitman fresh off the stage (photo). Big up! Okay, no time to stick ... the party done swinging.

In the middle of the crowd we noticed different age groups of people just enjoying themselves drinking and wining low. Just then, hitting the stage was Imij and Co. singing a selection of songs which included hits from Russell Cadogan like "Big Bottom Gal" and "Golo" from the days of Second Imij. The performance and vibes built up the Arabian night as we were roaming all over the place checking out the sexy ladies ... oh, those sexy Arabian girls (photo).

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Photos By Yohann G.
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Next stop was straight to the food court to see what was on the menu. Curry & Creole cuisine, Bake and Shark and Gyros ... yummm. We even bounced up Vincy's soca artiste Zoelah with food plate in hand and a big smile on her face (photo). Doh talk bout the drinks ... Margaritas, Daiquiris, Martinis, Scotch and I cannot forget to mention the Jose Cuervo Tequila they made meh shoot (see photos 025-027)!

It was a weird seeing both opposition and present political leaders enjoying each other's company in the fete. All political war usually illustrated for the public’s eye was put behind us while they all had a time socializing together. (btw Faud Khan is an opposition member and that could explain why there was a flock of politicians enjoying the lime). To make things even more interesting, Gillian Lucky (former MP, and Attorney at Law) was on the stage showcasing her talent. Hey, if politics don’t work out she could always fall back on signing, "We voting Gillian".

Benny & Kern of High Fidelity/Less Than Zero, just arrived from another all-inclusive in La Romain, and wasted no time in pelting tune after tune for the Pier 1 crowd, even pulling out classics like "More Rum For Me (Mr. Chankar)". Enjoying the last of the vibes, and thiefin' a wine in between, TJJ was at it's best. And yes folks, "Liming is our Day Jobs!!"

Movements again ... we heading to Yorke All Inclusive to link up Lece. Three doubles with medium pepper to go....

Signing out for 2Kwine,
D' Young Juice