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Wicked In White 2009
Date: Saturday 31st January 2009
Location: Queen's Park Oval. Port-Of-Spain. Trinidad W.I.
Promotions: Privilege
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Yet another exciting weekend in this Carnival season, and the TJJ crew doing the normal fete hopping, made our way around one thirty in the morning to Wicked in White, off the heels of the annual CIC All Inclusive fete.

On entering the venue, to my left, we saw some of our local celebrities - Brent Sancho, Leslie "Tiger" Fitzpatrick, Dwayne Bravo and the son of the late Kelvin Pope aka Mighty Duke, who seem to be hitting the same spots we've been to earlier.

Well, at this point in time, the Queen's of Soca music were on stage giving free lessons on obsessive wining ("Obsessive Winers") to a sea of white. By the way, Kes The Band opened the night with an energetic performance as usual, accompanied by the Central boys dance group "Eclectik". Hi Fidelity/Less Than Zero held the masses' attention while waiting for the next artists to come forth. Many took this opportunity to refill their drinks and get an appetizer.

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Photos By Andre C.Q. & Yohann G.
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When the big man in the business, Iwer, hit the stage, it was a frenzy once more because the masses were ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready, ready ("Ready"). Of course, his adopted son, Super Jigga TC, had to be in the mix. TC also hit the stage with his 2k9 contribution "Again". Then, the man with the voice that grabs your attention, Ziggy Rankin', made his way to the stage to do his collaboration with the Boss. Iwer, being the entertainer that he is, flipped it and did the commercial version that we all see on the television ... "Somebody say KFC, KFC, KFC..... we like it!"

By the time Ken Marlon Charles aka KMC joined in, it was not a waving party but a raving party. People were bouncing each other and raving in good fun as KMC sang only the 1st verse for his mega hit "Am Not Drunk".

At this time, I decided to make my way through the crowd ... mingling with a crew here and a crew there. A few partygoers I bounced up, were clearly high off the music, and of course their beverage of choice. But I must say, the ladies came dressed to impress, from wrap lace low boots to the white pleated miniskirts.

With the introduction of Shurwayne Winchester and Y.O.U., it was back stage side. An energetic performance from "the get go," the band clearly has great chemistry. The masses were carried through a journey of Shurwayne's musical catalog. At one point in the performance each band member not only showed their instrumental talent but their vocal ability, playful as it was. This made way for Peter Ram to come on stage. In my opinion, there cannot be a Wicked in White fete without this artist present. Ram embraced the stage with his usual energy of antics with the hit song "Tight", using every part of the stage to tell the story of the white pants. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw three incredible ladies, of course, clad in their tight white pants hit the stage. The energy level was just lifted, again. Before the end of that performance Peter Ram showed us something I could only explain as musical gymnastics (see photos - 072 & 073).

Then it was surprise guest artist, Maxi Priest's turn (accompanied by his son Marvin Priest) doing favourites like "Wild World" and "House Call" with the crowd singing word for word, hands swinging left to right. It was a smooth transition into the collaboration by Shurwayne and Maxi - "Make It Yours". Look out for our 5 Minutes With the British based Reggae star.

Vincy's Zoelah closed the show with her performance of "Wine Up On Me". Then the masses chipped out once again with the sounds of the DJs.

Reporting stage side for TJJ,

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