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Shurwayne Winchester - Wine On It (Official Music Video)


Song: Wine On It
Artiste: Shurwayne Winchester
Overproof Riddim
Origin: Trinidad & Tobago
Director: Robin Chin, Red Dragon
Ja Production
Enhanced Realizm Studios

2012 Release

Wine On It, Shurwayne Winchester, 2012, Soca, Trinidad, Robin Chin, Red Dragon, Ja Production, Enhanced Realizm Studios, Overproof Riddim
  • carissa

    nebula 868 wait soca video some thinking sexy and nice

  • shawnosborne.com

    dey cause trinidad in distress the flag flying backward, bwahahahahahahaaaaaaa

  • jeffrey johnson

    Yes I agree with The King !!! We thing and the flag backwards....smh

  • Atiba THe King

    d friggin trini flag backwards...