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Sedale x Rashaad - So Sweet (Official Music Video) | 2019 Soca

Song: So Sweet
Artiste: Sedale x Rashaad
Origin: St. Lucia

Executive Producer Sedale 'Rico' Simei & Rashaad Joseph
Performed by Sedale and Rashaad
Written By Sedale 'Rico' Simei & Rashaad Joseph
Produced by Young OG Beats
Recorded at Ransum Recordz
Background Vocals by Peter “WiLDFiRE” Noel, Saveion Monchery & Tori Elle
Mixed & Mastered by Ransum Recordz
Bass by Gershom Gerson
Saxophone by Rashaad Joseph

Models' Wardrobe by @everything_sweets_boutique
Models Styled By @everything_sweets_boutique
Swimsuit By @sabelleslu
Rashaad's Wardrobe by Scott’s Underground
Sedale's Swimming Trunks by @pasjalouswimwear

Behind The Scenes Footage by @santographipro

Cap Maison, St. Lucia

2019 Soca | St. Lucia

#TriniJungleJuice #SoSweet #Sedale #Rashaad #OfficialMusicVideo #StLucia #TJJtv

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So Sweet, Sedale, Rashaad, St. Lucia, 2019 Soca
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