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Nailah Blackman - Bang Bang (Official Dance Video) | 2019 Soca

Song: Bang Bang
Artiste: Nailah Blackman (@nailahblackman)
Origin: Trinidad & Tobago

Produced by : 12Keyz & Anson Pro (@12keyz X @anson_pro_ )

Written by: Nailah Blackman, Anson Soverall & Sekon Sta (@nailahblackman @anson_pro_ @sekonsta)

Choreography and dancers: XOriginals @xoriginals

Director: Resolve Productions @resolveproductionstt

Actor: Jade Campbell (@iamjadecampbell)

Mix Mastered by: Madman Johann

Artwork by: @renzeus_
Animation by: @tsianfos

2019 Soca Release

#TriniJungleJuice #NailahBlackman #BangBang #2019Soca

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Nailah Blackman, Bang Bang, 2019 Soca
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