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Mr. Vegas - Te Amo (feat. Yaksta, Topo La Maskara)


Mr. Vegas x Yaksta x Topo La Maskara - Te Amo (Official Music Video)

#Teamo #iloveu #luvU

Te Amo Lyrics ;
Intro: Congrats fi mi nuh (hey hey hey hey hey)
Jamaicans (hey hey hey hey hey)
Congrats fi mi nuh (hey hey hey hey hey)
Latinos, all dancers, cheer leaders.

All ravas,
We party we blazing tonight
But watch yah nuh,
The dancers dem feeling the vibes
Nuh matter wah,
We nah lef out the ladies we love you
We love you

Everybody go te amo
Come dance fi mi nuh
Sexy ladies te amo
Everybody dance fi mi nuh
Overload congrats fi mi nuh
Congrats fi mi nuh
Everybody dance fi mi nuh

Sound a slop ears az
Buttom downs blazers
Father bush alongside vegas
Clear the way teargas
Let through the ravaz....
Mi see Desha start fi behave bad
Shake the ass frail fan
Dark than raybands
Heads to the sky like yo wah praise god
Step two time and crush out satan
Shelly belly sky dive without His cape on

Yo wah learn then, follow we
Tek yo time man, saabali
This aint sumn that yo use too
Foot a swing but yo hands affi move to Yeah ah!


Cersy havey gear if traffic line long
Swing hip to the left push forth right hand
Joins fi have groove stiff like white man
Te amo have a buzz neath ina tight pants
"Foreigners wah learn just as the plane land

Them flock the dancehall dance class a painland
Diverse cluture mi place a name brand
Quieres bailar, sweet dah duh cane man.

Jamaica land we love
A nuff blessings from above
Member Bob Marley tell yuh one love
Member Junior Reid tell yuh one blood
Jamaica girls dem sweet like sugar,
Sugar sugar
Watch dem a back it up
Look yah, look yah, look yah, look yah
Wi nuh need nuh badness bout yah,
No sah
Wi nuh need nuh bad vibes bout yah
No sah

Te amo
Come dance fi mi nuh
Jamaica te amo
Everybody dance fi mi nuh
Skankers congrats fi mi nuh
Congrats fi mi nuh
Overload congrats fi mi nuh
Everybody dance fi mi nuh

Te amo
Black eagle buss the dance enuh
ketch the dance name te amo
Cheerleaders dance fi mi nuh
Congrats fi mi nuh
Congrats fi mi nuh
Everybody congrats fi mi nuh
Everybody dance fi mi nuh

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Mr. Vegas, Te Amo, Yaksta, Topo La Maskara, 2020 Dancehall
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