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The Soca Parang Serenaders - Merry Christmas Everyone


Soca Parang music video for the song "Merry Christmas Everyone" by The Soca Parang Serenaders a group that features all these amazing soca parang artistes on one song... namely .... Fridge, Baron, RemBunction, Myron B, Marcia Miranda, Kenny J and Crazy

Written By Jason Seecharan, Myron Bruce, Roland Yearwood and Mark Abouhamad Produced and Mixed By Mark Abouhamad for Trendsetter Production Video produced, edited and directed By Remy aka RemBunction

Merry Christmas Everyone, The Soca Parang Serenaders, Fridge, Baron, RemBunction, Rem Bunction, Myron B, Marcia Miranda, Kenny J, Crazy, 2016 Parang
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