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I Miss You

Barbie Japan "I Miss You" Official Music Video (2010)
Produced by: Dwain "Dwaingerous" Antrobus, Hemo+MooFire
Song Written by: Kernal Roberts
Produced by: ForceFed Productions

I Miss You, Barbie Japan, Soca, 2010, Official Music Video, Kernal Roberts, Dwaingerous, Hemo, MooFire, ForceFed Productions
  • prettytrinigyal

    this song is a nice song a relaxing song i should say

  • Arlene(Trinisweet4so@gmail.com)

    cool tune. its wine-able.... keep up d work girl

  • Minamoto E.A.

    I love this song.... Being mixed Japanese/Trinidadian, I appreiciate her singing Soca music... I hope Trini reach all areas in the world...... Big up to Barbie Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sugoi yo!!!