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Shal Marshall & Super Jigga TC - Flagship Riddim Medley


Flagship Riddim Medley - Whole Day/Speaker Boxx
Shal Marshall & Super Jigga TC
Director: Peter C. Lewis
Edit: Cowin Thorpe
Camera: Gabriel TI. Nagee
Pro: GBM
Another Terrible Production

2011 Soca. Trinidad Carnival 2011.

Flagship Riddim Medley, Whole Day, Speaker Boxx, Shal Marshall, Super Jigga TC, Soca, 2011, Trinidad, Peter C. Lewis, Cowin Thorpe, GBM, Another Terrible Production, 2011 Soca
  • Trick

    Love it!

  • rudie

    loving it loving it and shall look real good in his video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • troublesomedarkie

    I Love it..............Soca 2011..............Bad tune


    big big tune for carnival 2011 i riding bike every nite


    Mi love tis song.

  • nicole

    love it.. too bad i won't BE AROUND FOR 2011 CARNIVAL

  • Stacey Lalchan

    i love it..big up 2 shal and jigga