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Ease D Squeeze Pt. 1


TJJ TV 2009 TnT Carnival coverage of Presentation College & Rotary Club Chaguanas 2009 All Inclusive Carnival Fete "Ease 'D' Squeeze" featuring Imij & Co., Dil-E-Nadan, Edwin Yearwood and more for our new TV series called "You, TJJ and Carnival".

Segment 1 - Is the Recession impacting Carnival? Imij & Co. live on stage, we get the history of the Presentation College & Rotary Club Chaguanas All Inclusive from Syntra (committee member)

Watch Other Segments:-

Ease D Squeeze Seg #2 - http://www.trinijunglejuice.com/tjjtv/pres-collegerotary-club-chaguanas-carnival-2009/ease-d-squeeze-pt-2-video_b57aac3d8.html

Ease D Squeeze Seg #3 - http://www.trinijunglejuice.com/tjjtv/pres-collegerotary-club-chaguanas-carnival-2009/ease-d-squeeze-pt-3-video_ae477bdf7.html

Ease D Squeeze Seg #4 - http://www.trinijunglejuice.com/tjjtv/pres-collegerotary-club-chaguanas-carnival-2009/ease-d-squeeze-pt-4-video_c61a278c8.html

See Ease D Squeeze Photos/Review:-

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  • Syntra

    Andre, great coverage..and a great fete as you know! Thanks again to you and the TJJ crew! Much Love!