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College Boy Jesse - Good Energy (Official Music Video)


Song: Good Energy
Artiste: CollegeBoy Jesse
Label: ZigBoi Music
Produced by: Badjohn Republic
Written by: Jesse Stewart, Shawn “Spine” Stewart & Kyle Phillips
Live Guitar: Chryston Flloyd
Background Vocals: Jesse Stewart, Harmony Farrell
Director: Renaldo Matamoro (@renaldo868)
Camera A: Renaldo Matamoro
Camera B: Gervail Lemo
Drone Pilots: Shawn “Spine” Stewart, Christian Constance, Renaldo Matamoro
Video Editor: Renaldo Matamoro
Additional Footage: Stephan Salazar, BessLime, Caezar's Army

CollegeBoy Jesse, Good Energy, ZigBoi Music, Badjohn Republic, 2020 Soca, Trinidad and Tobago, College Boy Jesse
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