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Blaka Dan - Loyal Side Man (Official Music Video) | 2018 Soca


Song: Loyal Side Man
Artiste: Blaka Dan
Origin: Grenada
Written by : Wrenroy "Blaka Dan" Ogiste
Produced & Mixed by: Sandman
Mastered by: Parry Jack

Video by: Arthur Daniel

Credits: Captain harris, International Modelling Agency, Valley Breeze Guest House, Naked by symz, Zela Expressions, York Sneaker Wear, Jigger Man, Empire Family, Terry & Trevor butler, Danisha Francis, Surana Ross, Point Blank, Dj Kevon

Special thanks to Benjai

2018 Grenada Spicemas Release

Loyal Side Man, Blaka Dan, Grenada, Spicemas, 2018 Soca, Spicemas 2018
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