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Bali Swing Riddim feat. Asten Isaac, Zachary, Azaryah, Zan (Official Music Video) | 2019 Soca

4 Artistes 1 Riddim: Same journey, different paths. Love is the goal, life is the journey.

Asten Isaac - Love Strong (Bali Swing Riddim)
Zachary De Lima - Mixed Signals (Bali Swing Riddim)
Azaryah - Perfect Connection (Bali Swing Riddim)
Zan - Type Of Love (Bali Swing Riddim)

Produced by: @studiomusicatnt
Written & Performed by: Asten Isaac / Zachary De Lima / Azaryah / Zan


Additional Writing Credit: @samuelthomasjnr

Directed by: @bruciebruceofficial
Mix & Master by: @sheppard_pro
Guitars by: @miggyslaughter

Publishers: COTT / Fox Fuse

2019 Soca Release | Trinidad and Tobago

#TriniJungleJuice #BaliSwingRiddim #2019Soca #AstenIsaac #ZacharyDeLima #Azaryah #Zan
Bali Swing Riddim, Asten Isaac, Love Strong, Zachary De Lima, Mixed Signals, Azaryah, Perfect Connection, Zan, Type Of Love, 2019 Soca
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