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Shurwayne Winchester - YOU (Energy)


Shurwayne Winchester official music video for "YOU" (2009)
A E-Zone Entertainment/Militainment Production

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Shurwayne Winchester, YOU, Y.O.U., Carnival, 2009, Trinidad, Soca, E-Zone Entertainment, Militainment Production, Lisa Wickham
  • stacia

    luv shurwayne, luv this song:)

  • Baby Girl

    Shurwayne Winchester, you are a very unique person, am loving the video, not to mention the ending part of it, it's a must see to all... Boy a loving it bad, bad, bad!!! Shurwayne you always please your fans in everyway you can, keep on being Y.O.U Shurwayne Baby one love...


    This Song Is HOT

  • Keisha

    Song is great, ending video remix is hot!! I love it!

  • Brown skin gyal!

    the man say the chain is a sentimental value....great vid by the way; the ending certainly turned me on!!!!

  • lw

    he got to get rid of that chain. please

  • Hitman

    Dats what I want to be talking about! Great video and sung! Mr. Winchester.