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Machel Montano - Wild Antz


Machel Montano HD
"Wild Antz" (2009) music video
Director: Remy
Rembunction Productions

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Machel Montano HD, Wild Antz, 2009, Soca, Remy, Rembunction Productions, Trinidad, Carnival 2009
  • mya

    wtf machel thinking lol

  • Allison in Miami

    While surfing the web for anything "carnival," I clicked on Wild Antz. OMG! I can't stop viewing it. It is riveting! The video is the "bomb!" I am a fan of Machel Montano. He is a" heavy hitter" who never disappoints. I sent the link to everyone in my address book for viewing. They LOVE it, as do I. Keep bringing it Machel. Much Love. :) It is worth 5 STARS......

  • Minamoto E.A.

    IT'S A RAID, IT'S A RAID, IT'S A RAID, IT'S A RAID.................... Imma tell you dis!! Machel "HD" is most definetly hight definition....
    At first I was like: "Wild Antz"???? Then I listen to it and next thing you know: "there's a whole colony coming, IT'S A RAID, IT'S A RAID...." (you know de rest)...
    Always making people dance; Thanks to Machel!!!!

  • Stacia

    He's an amazing and talented artist and anything Machel does is freaking phenomenal!

  • jin jin


  • Leo

    That is a great music video and a great song...well done HD.

  • Bokie

    This should have run right there with Destra for the road, but Machel en behave he self and Fayeann was pregnant; the result, Destra lose what she should've won and machel make people doh respond to Zan and Patrice as they should've!!

  • Jacqui Jo

    The Best ever !!! The dance moves and the theme was awesome to watch such creativity and art , true Trinbagan style.

  • asha

    very creative

  • NITA