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Whiteboy ft Mandella Linkz & Zeek - Move Mad (Official Music Video) | 2019 Soca

When an average teenage Whiteboy from London/England comes across a beautiful West Indian girl, and wants in... "THIS WHAT HAPPENS" He must learn, and learn fast to party West Indian style! He quickly becomes emerced in the culture: Soca music, Carnival, Jab Jab and pure VYBEZ! At first he was confused, and out of his comfort zone, but due to the warm, loving & beautiful energy of Soca and Caribbean culture; it didn’t take him too long to join in, participate, and... "MOVE MAD"!

Whiteboy from London, UK has teamed up with Mandella Linkz from Grenada & Zeek from St. Vincent / New York, to help create this high energy, up-tempo song & music video. Telling a peice of the story of Whiteboy's younger self being influenced and led into the world of Soca, Carnival & Caribbean culture. Enjoy the vybez & be ready to "MOVE MAD" this carnival season!

Move Mad [Fullish Riddim]

Written by:
Whiteboy, Mandela Linkz & Zeek

Mixed & Mastered by:
M-Fly UK

Produced by:

Directed by:
LJEdits UK & Whiteboy

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Move Mad, Whiteboy, Mandella Linkz, Zeek, 2019 Soca
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