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Wetty Beatz - Ting Go Nice Again (Official Music Video) | 2020 Soca


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This one is dedicated to the burns victims of the fatal fire in my hometown of Union Island in May 2020. Sleep in peace Zara, Lindani, and Freddy.

No matter what it is you're going through right now, there's always a silver lining to your dark cloud. Find that thing that makes you free and exploit it to the fullest. For me, music is that thing and this is my gift to you. Just remember Ting Go Nice Again.

Song Credits
Produced & Mixed by Wetty Beatz Productionz
Mastered by Parry Jack
Written by Phillip "Wetty Beatz” Bastien
Artwork: Kirth Noel

Video Credits
Filming and Editing by Director Beema (Cineterra)
Video producer: Rita Pieternella ( By Ritz Design)
Drone shots - V. Double G. Drones

Production: Lieke de Boer (Statement Agency)
Production Assistants:
Leah Koenders
Sergio Sanchez Garcia
Mitchell Eering (Cineterra)

Carnival footage by No Labels required

Special Thanks to
Rannathielle Bitorina - Costume Model

Group of Friends-
Rumiko Mommersteeg
Gregory Dopwell
Evelien Burm
Shuriendell Mercé

#wettybeatz #tgna #soca #trinijunglejuice

Wetty Beatz, Ting Go Nice Again, Official Music Video, 2020 Soca
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