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Chingee - Welcome To Carnival (Official Music Video)


Chingee - Welcome To Carnival (Official Music Video)

Patience is viewed as the best remedy for most problems, however anxiety always seem to trump when it comes to carnival euphoria.

From parading on the streets to absorbing the sound of sweet festival music, masqueraders are simply not prepared to to curb their expression during carnival.

For Soca artiste, Chingee, carnival provides many with a platform for self expression and cohesion of cultures.

It also is used as a tool to determine what we have in common and to celebrate what makes us different. #WelcomeToCarnival

Written by Kernal Roberts
Produced by Kernal Roberts at Rama Records
Mixed by Precision Productions
Mastered By Johann of Madmen Productions
Performed by Shaquille Chingee Mark
Additional vocals by Kernal Roberts, Terry Lyons, Shaquille Chingee Mark and Ronald Mark

Video Credits: Produced by Visonary Media House
Directed by Visonary Media House and Shaquille Chingee Mark
Edited by Visonary Media House
Aerials by Joshua Gordon
Carnival shots by Montage Productions
Carnival Costumes by Yuma Mas Band
Dancers from body Rock Dance Group
Choreography by Turbo
Models: Tamika Hinkson, Karissa Wyke and Atia
Venues: Magdalena Grand Tobago
Tobago Plantations
Tropical Spaces Arima Trinidad​

2017 Soca Release | Trinidad and Tobago

Welcome To Carnival, Chingee, 2017 Soca
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