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Wash The Tears

Gramps Morgan (Morgan Heritage) "Wash The Tears" (2009) music video
Album: Two Sides of My Heart
Dada Son Entertainment
Director: Victor K, Eric Spicard Gramps
Wash The Tears, Gramps Morgan, Morgan's, Morgan Heritage, Kingston, Reggae, Family, Jamaica, Fraternity, Dancehall, Dada Son Entertainment, Two Sides of My Heart
  • kish

    yea!man what we need is more teachings on our day to day gives you a wake up call on whom you serve and the wonders he can do.Aaaaah! i gess too much Natural features in this video do signify JAH the solid rock on which we stand.i love the song,very en encouraging especially to those who r being weighed down by the pressures of LIFE.may God inspire you more Mr.Gramps and bless you.