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Voice - Peace of Mind (Official Music Video)


Persevere. This struggle has been the hardest many of us have faced in our lifetime, but, Endure. You’d never know how strong you are if your strength was never tested. Together we will make it to the dawn but we must Fight. Leave behind bad habits, avoid bad company and ignore bad advice. This is our winning season. Focus. It’s time to build ourselves back up. Do not always associate peace with solitude. We need each other now. We need support now. We need to remember everyone and everything that helped to get us through our lowest moments. Rise. Let’s lift each other up now and celebrate our victory. Share. If you can’t find your peace of mind, you can have a piece of mine. We will find our joy again, hand in hand. Unite.

Executive Producer: Aaron St.Louis “Voice”
Director: Cowin “Dori” Thorpe
Producers: Cowin “Dori” Thorpe
Video Concept: Lyndon Gomez
Camera Operators: Cowin “Dori” Thorpe & Melvern Isaac
Camera Assistant: Nickelson Williams @ Desron Clarke
Drone: Melvern Isaac
Editor: Cowin “Dori” Thorpe
Colorist: Melvern Isaac
Gaffer: Desron Clarke
Location 1: Charlotteville Village, Tobago
Location 2: Prospect, Tobago
Wardrobe: Daww Creations

Special Thanks
Xavier Edwardz
Aniqua “Qua Qua” Lafeuillee
Zolani Frank
Pops Tours
Chalotteville VIllage Community
Villa La Casa
Arthur Patrick

Written by: Aaron St. Louis
Produced by: Lunatix productions
Live drums by: Gerion Williams
Live bass by: Joshua Richardson
Live guitars by: Richard Gosine and Kyle Peters
Background Vocals by: Trini Baby
Mixed by: precision productions
Mastered by: Becker mastering

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Voice, Peace of Mind, Official Music Video, Tobago, 2021 Soca, Trinidad and Tobago
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