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V'ghn x Intl Stephen - Luv Your Body (Official Music Video) 2018 Soca

It is said that the body is the temple of God. It is also said that kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul and healthy to the body.

Inspired by women around the world, V’ghn brought to life lyrics that will empower women of every shape, size, race and ethnicity to feel happy and confident in their skin.

Fused with vibes and flavor from the distinctly powerful voice of the world famous Dj, International Stephen in a masterful production compiled with Afro and Latin elements by Xpert studios.

A Dedication to all women, this one is sure to make you “Luv your Body”. #LuvYourBody #JusVghn #intlStephen #GlobalSoca
Luv Your Body, V'ghn, Intl Stephen, 2018 Soca
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