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V'ghn - Trouble In The Morning (Official Music Video) | 2018 Soca

On his first trip to the City of Angels (Los Angeles) for the world famous Hollywood Carnival, within the great vibes and energy, V'ghn and his team decided to capture some of the beautiful ambiance which led to filming a couple new music videos. First up "Trouble in the Morning" Official Video features International Soca Star 'LYRIKAL" as one of the main actors alongside local Caribbean beauty Stacy. Most scenes were filmed on and around the world famous Hollywood Blvd. V'ghn's Daily mission is to represent Grenada and the entire Caribbean to the fullest. Hope you Enjoy.

Camera shots: Trincity Pickney & Revcaribbean
Edited by: Trincity Pickney
Directed by: Trincity Pickney & International Stephen (DSM)
Song Produced by: DJ Captain John
Written by: Jevaugh "V'ghn" John

2018 Soca Release | Grenada
Trouble In The Morning, V'ghn, Los Angeles, Grenada, Spicemas 2018, Trincity Pickney, 2018 Soca
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