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T&T artist KALPEE. "He is going to be BIG(R)!!" | The Carnival Ref LIVE Ep 5

The Carnival Ref sits down with phenomenal young artist from Trinidad and Tobago, KALPEE, who is colouring the world with his modern fusion of R&B, Pop, Calypso and Reggae Rhythm. Also featuring special guests Major Penny and Muhammad Muwakil (Freetown Collective). Why don't Trinidadians BIG UP their own??!!

The Carnival Ref LIVE Episode 5
Let's all start to show each other more APPRECIATION in the World.

⏰ Timestamps:
0:00 Intro
2:08 Special guest direct from Trinidad, Major Penny
5:54 Kalpee Intro
7:30 Who is Kalpee and where did he come from?
9:30 Do you edit ALL of your music videos?
15:12 Kalpee breakout song "No One"
33:44 Paramin High / Kalpee tells us about the accident
39:00 Is your music getting local airplay?
44:32 Surprise guest Muhammad Muwakil of Freetown Collective joins in
56:03 Kalpee featuring StefLon Don - One More Night (Gimme De Ting)
1:01:12 Do you know when you have a monster song?
1:06:15 We lose Kalpee on the call (didn't pay his internet bill ... just kidding
Kalpee, Major Penny, Muhammad Muwakil, Freetown Collective, Paramin High, Gimme De Ting, No Millionaires, The Carnival Ref LIVE
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