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Miami Carnival 2015 - TJJ + Island Fantasy Mas Private Section


Trini Jungle Juice and Island Fantasy private section 'MAS' with the big mas band Generation X for their Miami Carnival 2015 presentation 'The Spirit of Carnival'.

Prices include PREMIUM Food & Drink Package, Security, mobile bar, mobile food truck, mobile restrooms, cool-down misters, rhythm section, tassa & more

Music on the road will be provided by some of T&T Hottest DJs - PRIVATE RYAN, NUPHORIC, DUCHESS and much more...

NO Vibes..NO entry!

Limited Registrations available online at:-

MAS--'living art that we make fresh every year'—is the truest artistic expression of Trinidad. [Mas Innovator Peter Minshall]

WE are Carnival... We are MAS!

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