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Kes The Band - Till Morning


Artiste: Kes The Band
Song: Till Morning (2009)
Album: On in Five
Director: Eric Curtis

Kes The Band, Till Morning, 2009, Kees Dieffenthaller, Trinidad, carnival, soca, music video, TJJ TV
  • arlene

    Great video...great song!

  • triniboy

    Great... just heard of them about a year ago. See I live in California and they did a show here... boys are bad. Maybe I can get in the group.. I'm bald just like the other brothers. If your in Cali again, hit meh up 562-212-4879

  • Christina

    I love this song. OMG!!! Its like he's singing it to me. You go Kes with that sweet voice of yours.

  • Dre

    Another sweet chune... another big music video outta Trini... big up Kees, large up Madmen Productions... doing it BIG, BIG!