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Theatrics x Splegs - Catch Ah Vaps | 2019 Parang


Theatrics x Spelgs presents a Soca Parang for the Christmas season 2019. The Parang explores a complex relationship between Christmas and Carnival. So catch ah vaps and catch the vibes.

Title: Catch ah Vaps
Artists: Slpegs & Theatrics

Composer/ Authors: Bjorn Graham/ Darrion Narine/ Kyle Phillips
Produced by: Badjohn Republic and The KVG
Additional Production: Leston Paul

Live Cuatro, Bongos and Maracas: Marc Hospedales courtesy La Mansion Music
Live Guitar and Mandolin: Enrico Camejo courtesy La Mansion Music
Live Cuatro (Supporting): Deeje Boisson courtesy BB Serenaders.
Background Vocals: Blair Thompson, Sherisse Collymore and Arielle Cowie

Mixed and Mastered by: System32


I so flabbergasted , this blasted Christmas & Carnival too mixed ah mean is licks , today is Christmas or Carnival, is Christival or Carnimus Splegs I feeling too cuss

1st Verse:
From August to December Now the questions start, I feel like Parang have meh brain and soca take meh heart, I reach Christmas service in a costume is the wrong mas following tribe truck knocking tuc tuc look ah wining fast.

I now see Scrunter with Leroy Mother in ah short pants, Oh gosh now ah feeling to palance in a parang dance, mandolin and brass is sweet romance ,iwer bring water, Courts bring Singers now lewwe start to prance.

Early Jouvert morning I hearing cuatro strumming 'ah catch ah vaps' (2)
December we paranging soca I only hearing ah 'catch ah vaps' (2)

Post chorus:
So is ham and jam, soca parang, is Santa Clause with Masqueraders.
Because 'we catch catch catch ah vaps' (4)
Adlib: Christmas Morning, Carnival evening,
All in Boxing day straight into Jouvert.

2nd Verse:
Now d carnival, Christmas thing have me going mad
But I does be relll glad. Confusion and fusion
I went to d grocery, to buy ah ham and turkey, ah parang band was playing, so I stand up listening
But like I start hallucinating, cause on the box base was the midnight robber, next to him was the Dame Lorraine and damn I wanted to be her midnight lover, the blue devil playing cuatro, and all 5 of them in sync so is cuatro cinco. I turn and see the sailor boy at bay with the maracas, and last was a Veni named Maria from Caracas.

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