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The Voices of Sweet Jamaica

Happy 50th Birthday Jamaica! Sweet Jamaica" just got alot more flavor. "Sweet Jamaica", has a whole new set of names attached to it and an all star video to prove it. 
Joining Mr Vegas, Shaggy and Josey Wales on "The Voices of Sweet Jamaica" is Shaggy's fellow Grammy winner, Beenie Man, rising star Christopher Martin, foundation deejay U-Roy and dancehall super group T.O.K., as well as the 'bad' gyal Ce'Cile and international performer Barrington Levy. When you add in Tony Curtis and Singing Melody (one half of Jamaica's favorite harmony group, LUST) as well as Marcia Griffiths, Cocoa Tea, Freddie McGregor and Leroy 'Heptones' Sibbles the "The Voices of Sweet Jamaica" are a virtual who's who of the nation's musical legacy.

Directed by Jay Will (Game Over) "The Voices of Sweet Jamaica" video shows what is possible when the seed is planted for community building. Seeing in living color Daddy U-Roy up to Christopher Martin all inside the studio at the famed Anchor Studios in Kingston is just more visual proof of how the music and the community go hand in hand.

According to Ce'Cile, the combination of music and community is what Jamaica is all about. "I'm totally excited to be a part of what was already a great project, and I'm especially excited since the proceeds of the sale of the song goes to charity. "The Voices of Sweet Jamaica" really represents the vibe and energy of a united Jamaica and the various artists that Vegas has chosen to be on the song is a reflection of just how diverse and versatile we are."

And Barrington Levy expressed his gratitude to both Mustard Seed and his fellow artists. "Not only am I glad to be able to play my part but since all proceeds from the sale of the song are going to charity that makes it even better."

This time, the performers of "The Voices of Sweet Jamaica" are asking the reggae and world music-loving public to lend a hand as well. All proceeds from the sale of the song "The Voices of Sweet Jamaica" will help Mustard Seed fulfill its mission to keep Jamaica sweet today, and even sweeter for future generations of Jamaicans.

Produced by Clifford Smith, Mikie Bennett, Frenchie & Rohan Dwyer for MV Music.

(c) 2012 MV MUSIC
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