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The story behind TELE CRUZ - SWEAT is basically having a good time! It's not supposed to be glamorous, just rough fun and letting loose like carnival is all about.

The video was shot in Tobago at Spence mansion villa, Cruz Cocktail Bar & Bistro and the famous beach Back Bay where several international movies has been filmed.

The director of the video is my Swedish producer Neil Luckz, the owner of 4Sons Entertainment.

I enjoyed working with different characters. In this video I had people that usually work as models, dancers, musicians etc. Everyone comes from different parts of the world as Grenada, England, Sweden, U.S.A and we all came together in one video to show how we party in the Caribbean which was great fun!

My fans can expect the same fun and energy when i perform.

Feedback for this track has been crazy! People love it! I've only had positive response for this song and people already know the lyrics, that make it much more fun when I've performed it at past events and concerts.
Sweat, Tele Cruz, Tobago, 2012 Soca, Trinidad Carnival, 2012, Neil Luckz, 4Sons Entertainment

    bessssssss video of the year... besssss