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Stef Kalloo - Dance The Night Away


Trinidad's Stef Kalloo official music video "Dance The Night Away". Produced by Carl "Beaver" Henderson. Directed by Saadia Mohammed. ForceFed Productions.

Dance The Night Away, STEF, Stef Kalloo, Trinidad, Dance, Pop, Trance, Carl Henderson, Saadia Mohammed, ForceFed Productions
  • Avi

    The purpose of this video is obviously not selling the artist's talents...She might as well just be a backup dancer. And I also agree that there way too much autotune.

  • Joush Grahm Radio 1

    This video is utter bullocks, too much auto tune on the track, also the failed shakira / tiesto / atc video copy really doesn't impress.... the song is out of KEY ! Poor work Mr "Beaver" we've heard u have done some excellent work, But this is clearly not one of them. All the best in your next atempt for we'll be watching....

  • Vish

    I was at this video shoot. Stef is awsome and this song rocks! We play it here in NYC.

  • alan brizan

    i want one!!!!

  • allison

    love it hottttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!