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T-Rock Again - Start D Jam (Official Music Video)


T-Rock Again - Start D Jam (Official Music Video)

Every West Indian can relate to the feeling you get when you come off the plane in your home island in time for the carnival season. This type of feeling can only be described as one of bliss and a sense of comfort of being "home". Trockagain expressed this type of feeling when he reached out to the talented Garmal "Skinny Fabulous" Doyle who wrote the track, with that feeling in mind.

This song tells the story of any West Indian returning home for the carnival season with one thing on their mind they are ready to party and let loose while creating new memories with family and friends. With the combined production skills of Alex "Kubiyashi" Barnwell and Kerron "Scratch Master" Hector with vocal execution of Trockagain, this feeling was surely in mind for this jam. This combination created what is themed the new anthem perfectly titled Start D Jam... yes we are ready for it. Start your carnival the right way and take the journey with Trockagain as he tells this story through this infectious melody. Trockagin is definitely back with a jam that will have you ready for any carnival on any island. Let's Start D Jam because we are always ready for it.

Start D Jam, T-Rock Again, 2016 Soca, T-Rock
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