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Ataklan & Terri Lyons - Smile (Official Music Video)


Song: Smile
Artist: Ataklan & Terri Lyons
Ataklan Production Ltd
HyPro Ltd
Produced by Daryl Braxton
Clothing by Meling
Beach House Entertainment
Directed by Walt Lovelace

Bringing Art to Video - 'Smile', the new track from rapso artist Ataklan featuring Terri Lyons (Read Article)

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Smile, Ataklan, Terri Lyons, Walt Lovelace, Daryl Braxton, HyPro Ltd, Meling, Beach House Entertainment, 2010 Soca, Trinidad, Carnival, Terry Lyons, Divali
  • Graham Bell

    So Good it makes me smile

  • Dianne M-H

    Very intensive yet entertaining as it should be. A good combo. Had the privilege of listening to Ataklan yesterday at the Museum along with Mista Shak and they both were GREAATT!! Terri's smile lent authencity to the song. Keep up the collaboration.

  • actr

    This song give me a warm feeling. It brings to mind the love of my life. My knees can hardly take it.

  • malin

    Love the song the video everything. Well done guys! Good to see Ataklan on the seen again. Thanks.

  • Kratos

    really nice collabo....really nice song...really nice video...props!!!

  • jake the snake

    lovely haunting melody its good to see ataklan on the seen again

  • Ria

    Love this song. Great scenery and Terri really has a wonderful smile. A plus on this video!!

  • marisol

    Diwali+Beach = Sweet TNT
    I think i just felt in love with a video = D

  • amy

    i was having a bad day and a friend sent this to me
    i now have a big smile on my face:)
    thank you kathy.
    great song, great video!

  • kElz

    This song is HOT! Love it!