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Ricardo Drue x King Bubba FM - Rum Again (The Movie)


Is there such a thing as to much Rum? See what happens when music and Rum meet on this flashback adventure.

The Professional and the Rum King bring to you a WORLDWIDE video premiere  ... featuring The Caribbean King of Comedy Majah Hype, Ricardo Drue and King Bubba FM ..... Rum Again: The Movie.

Filmed on location in Barbados and  the Cayman Islands during Cayman's annual Pirates week.

Directed by Scenes Entourage and Kharma13

This Production is brought to you by Platta Records, Riddimstream, and the ID Nation.

Rum Again, Drink Up, Hand Grenade Riddim, Ricardo Drue, King Bubba FM, Platta Records, Riddimstream, ID Nation, 2016 Soca
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