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Nebula868 - Rollin Inna Sunny (ft Terri Lyons)


Rollin Inna Sunny
Trinidad's Nebula868 featuring Terri Lyons Remix to Lloyd Banks "Beamer, Benz Or Bently"
Dir: ForceFed Prod
Editor: Akino "GodRealm" Williams
D' Project/D Academy

Rollin Inna Sunny, Nebula868, Terri Lyons, Akino Williams, ForceFed Prod, Lloyd Banks, Beamer, Benz Or Bently, Trinidad, Hip Hop, Rap, 2010
  • korina waldran

    wow guys great job really nice ....keep it up

  • Ekim

    Not a bad video or theme, not being a hip hop fan I was able to view enjoy and listen. Good work keep it up. Now to find the Lloyd Banks video to compare.

  • level 6

    Now Nebula might be talented but the hook is crap and the quality of the video is on point.. but how far is he planning on reaching... I am waiting for a young Trini female to buss big just like Rihanna did... something wrong

  • Kirk

    I agree with you, these guys are very talented.

  • sarah

    Nebula 868 are the best HipHop Artist in Trinidad & Tobago..... Really international