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Raymond Ramnarine and Dil-E-Nadan - Nack Ah Ting (Official Music Video) | 2021 Chutney Soca


Every culture has its own stories to share. Here is our story of a fun-loving guy who took all his friends for a “lime”. The story starts off with an All Fours game in which there is a celebration when one team wins. They start beating the table, creating a rhythm, a sweet pulsating rhythm making people dance, only to be confronted by the real “Table Master”. They battle it out on the table while all their friends dance and celebrate with one another enjoying Curry duck and White Oak. The showdown is quite heated but the Table Master reigns and they join the celebration singing their favourite old Bollywood songs.

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Directed by: Asim Mohammed
Cameras: Asim Mohammed
Drone Shots: Akshay Bissoon
Edited by: Asim Mohammed and Anthony Ramdeo
Executive Producer: Bakyard Productions
Management: Kuchela Entertainment

Song Credits:
Title: Nack Ah Ting
Artist: Raymond and Dil E Nadan
Produced at Bakyard Studios
Producers: Raymond Ramnarine, Richard Ramnarine, Akshay Bissoon.
Composers/Writers: V.Ramnarine, A.Ramnarine
Live Horns: Rene Rawlins, Robert Isles.
Table/Bottle Beating: Raymond Ramnarine, Akshay Bissoon, Richard Ramnarine
Dholak: Richard Ramnarine
Guitars: Raymond Ramnarine
Backing Vocals: Keron Harris, Rene Rawlins, Robert Isles, Raymond Ramnarine
Hype Vocals: Rene Rawlins (Trombone)
Recorded at Bakyard Studios
Mixed by Richard Ramnarine
Mastered by Nikholai Greene

Bollywood Songs:
Phool Tumhen Bheja Hai Khat Mein (Saraswatichandra)
Deewana Hua Badal (Kashmir Ki Kali)
Pal Bhar Ke Liye Koi Hamen Pyar (Jhonny Mera Naam)

Specials Thanks to:
Angostura Limited
White Oak
Angostura 7 Year Premium Rum
Forres Park Puncheon Rum
Nia Valley

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