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Ravi B - The Wedding Party #Sweetheart (Official Music Video)


Title: The Wedding Party
English Lyrics by: Ravi Bissambhar
Hindi lyrics by: Amitabh Bhattacharya
Melody by Amit Trivedi
Bridge Melodies by: Ravi B and Anil Bissambhar
Music Arranged and Produced by: Ravi B, Anil Bissambhar & Rishi Mahato
Maha Productions x Basslab Studios
Mixed by: Anil Bissambhar and Rishi Mahato
Recorded and Mastered by: Rishi Mahato
Executive Producer: Ravi Bissambhar

Directed by: Ravi Bissambhar
Keys: Ravi Bissambhar and Rishi Mahatoo
Rhythm: Anil Bissambhar
Bass: Ravi Bissambhar x Anil Bissambhar
Guitars: Kazio Paponette
Live Tassa: Jagdeo Deeberam
Background vocals: Natalie York

Video Credits:
Nicholas Ajodha (Ajodha Concepts)
Dancers: Khalnayak Academy
Ravi B outfitted by:
Touch of India DS Styles

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Ravi B, The Wedding Party, Sweetheart, 2021 Chutney Soca, Official Music Video, Trinidad and Tobago
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