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Vybz Kartel - Ramping Shop (ft Spice)


Vybz Kartel featuring Spice "Ramping Shop" (2008) Official Music Video

Rompin Shop, Vybz Kartel, Spice, 2008, 2009 music video, official video, reggae, Jamaica, dancehall, Ramping Shop
  • vidya

    luv kartel

  • ananta

    nice tune move wit d beat uuhhh!

  • gazareckless

    it maddddd..........outta road it say

  • Brandon Ramkissoon

    yo this is some hard tune ..........

  • London Trini

    Big chune... the raw version sellllll offffff

  • haadi blarrd

    dis s brilliant song !!! i don't kno wat to say ! all i can tell ss it ss wonderfull:)

  • imani

    i love this tune the beat s wicked

  • bethany kirkhamxx

    This Song is Sick Lol xxx

  • jimbob xx

    romping shop is a sick song xx love it soo muchh xx cnt stop listening tahh it !!!! best tune goin {up tahh nw} doo loads more but this is the best xx

  • janett

    the video is alright but the song is awsome and the moves are great and even sexy this represents for all the ladies and girls out there