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Pon D Corner NY Episode (Season One)


Good News, Political Pong, Wha Yuh Tink Bout, Interviews, Scandal Bag, Wha Ever Happen To...

Jillionaire Juice lands in the Big Apple for PDC's Season One bonus episode in Jan'09. Corruption in the Licensing Office, Man sues his wife for kidney, Panday back in Office, Interview with Obama and a cute 10 year old, Where is Minmi? And more...

Pon D Corner
Jillionaire, Chris, Pon D Corner, TJJ TV, Entertainment, Season One, New York Episode, NY, Brooklyn, Sugarcane, Obama, Panday, Minmi
  • Dre

    Freshie, that's "Benai - Over and Over (Best Riddim)" ... released in 2002.

  • Freshie

    Can somebody tell me the song that is playing from 5:55 to 6:27??? Thanks

  • Ashley

    Hear nah, I swear Junglejuice forget the sugarcane corner episode.Chris yuh still bring it live bro all good.And that would be Earthmember4life :) peace no worries.Appreciate the JUICE still.

  • Soapywight

    nah nah nah, the California comment kill me

  • mix juice

    running rae go go go
    it gettin warm, boots gone, heels in come nah!
    yes boo boo i will marry you :) come to dirty brooklyn and we'll get married right by d cop car

  • jillionaire

    ash whutt upp!
    earthermemberforlife whutt upp!
    Winter Boots Mafia hol tight!
    Rae Rae you killed the finish!
    Eljon will you marry me!
    10 yr old whutt upp!
    Token White Boy whutt upp!
    Sugarcane Crew i see you!
    DreDogg whutt upp!

  • Swarvie

    Big up Rae Rae in de middle ah de road! LOL Hilarrrrrrrr!